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12:18pm 01-04-2013
cpf infromation
8:41am 01-04-2013
hu vidhayasahayak 6u. mane order ma c.c.c. pariksha pass nu certi apava 2 varsh ni samay maryada ma raju karvanu kahel. ghana loko kahe i.t.i nu certi joieye,ghana kahe ambedakar nu chalase.to mare k yu certi raju karvu. me ambedakar ma pariksha pass karel 6e. jo ke direct bharati ane pramoson ma c.c.c. na certi vishe apnu su mantavaya 6e. please reply me.
10:26pm 01-03-2013
samajik vigyan std.6,7,8 na projekt vise mahiti apvama ave te mate vinanti
9:58pm 01-03-2013
dear sir
hamana std 9 ,10 na nava 94 vargo ne Gujarat ma manjuri mali. tenu list mali shakashe
8:21pm 01-03-2013
નમસ્કાર સાહેબશ્રી સુપ્રીમ કોર્ટ ના પેન્ડીંગ કેશ વિશે ના સમાચાર શું છે,તે જણાવવા માટે મહેરબાની કરશોજી.
8:19pm 01-03-2013
What is the current status about the SLP 14124-25 of 2012 pending cash for Sahayak in Supreme Court ?
7:42pm 01-03-2013
What is the current status about the SLP(civil) 14124-14125 of 2012 pending in Supreme Court?
3:09pm 01-03-2013
uchhatar ane madhyamik ma bharti kyare avse?
11:59am 01-03-2013
nimesh raval
pls give information about uchhtar( g.s.)recruitment in near futur
3:52pm 01-01-2013
wt is the ratio of supervisor in secondary. how much class should be in new ratio
4:04pm 12-31-2012
i have performed election duty during this diwali vacation. i want circular for it.pl.send this circular to me.
thank you.
2:44pm 12-31-2012
uchhtar (g.s) nibharti babat janavso.
11:18pm 12-30-2012
in secondary; currently got 94 classes which r they? can we know from any web?pllease tell me some thing about this
9:07pm 12-30-2012
Bcom with economics sathe 6 to 7 ni tat pass karel chhe arji pan karel chhe to nokri malse k nahi ? Ans apjo pls
10:35am 12-30-2012
sir, fix pay no judgment suprim court ma thi kyare avse 9924696448 a mara mob. che to please requst che ke chukado kyre avse te jara masage ne kaho
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